Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!

It always happens to me. I find this really fun website and as soon as I get into it, it shuts down. I was looking for a cute Thursday Thirteen banner, so naturally I went to the Thursday Thirteen site to find one. When I get to the page, I see a memo that the web page administrator is shutting it down. So, since they no longer have pages upon pages of really cute banners, I had to stalk some people until I could find a banner I liked. Hopefully, someone will take over the Thursday Thirteen site and I can once again find cute banners without stalking someone. So, since we just came back from St. Louis, my Thursday Thirteen is based on that!

13 Things I Miss About St. Louis
  1. Brian and Gabby
  2. The Snow (which I know it doesn't snow there a whole bunch, but it snows more than here!)
  3. Weather cold enough to actually wear a coat and be comfortable in it
  4. The Snow
  5. White Castle
  6. Friendly People
  7. Seeing the old architecture
  8. The trees (even though there are no leaves for the winter, it's still purty)
  9. No traffic (really, you LA people should see the "traffic" they have there. Their rush hour is like a normal flow of traffic here)
  10. The Snow
  11. Crown Candy (Their big cheese sandwich rules!)
  12. Ted Drews (Who doesn't like frozen custard when it's 15 degrees outside?)
  13. Brian and Gabby (I had to add you guys twice!)
So, that is it for this weeks Thursday Thirteen. We really had a blast on our trip and we miss our good friends so much. It sucks when your closest friends are a thousand miles away.

Later today I will write more about our St. Louis trip. Hopefully tonight I can post some of the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

So, you miss the wanna be snow more than us????

We miss you too! Even more than we miss big bear.