Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I have something to post about!

It may not be too exciting, but I do have something to post! Recently, I found a wonderful blog that is written by a sweetheart of a gal and I am hooked! She has a little club that I decided to join in hopes of getting into a routine of waking up early to spend time with my Lord. It's not out of guilt or pressure that I am doing this, it's because I want to do this. I notice a major change in my outlook if I spend some quality time in prayer and in the Word. This club is to encourage other ladies to get up early and do the same and I am hoping that it will give me some accountability as well.

As a group, the 5:16 club will be doing a study of Habakkuk, starting tomorrow, and I am so excited to join in. I'm hoping to share little tid bits of what I'm learning along the way. I am so excited to see the growth that can happen thorough this!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Writers Block

So I have had no idea what to blog about lately. I don't even have anything too interesting in my life to blog about. I have no kids to blog about and I have no interesting facts or tid bits to blog about. Frankly, I'm stumped. I didn't necessarily mean to take a long blog break, but with nothing to blog about, it just happened. I'm kind of getting the feeling back, but I'm still a bit stumped. I should be blogging regulary soon.