Friday, February 2, 2007

Frugal Friday

I thought it would be fun to partake in a Frugal Friday posting. I'm still quite new at the blog thing, so I hope I get this right.

One of the blogs I lurk is Crystal's Biblical Womanhood blog, and she has her Frugal Friday posts, so I thought I would try it out this time.

My tip in saving money is on gift wrapping. My husband and I lucked out one time at work and they gave us a whole bunch of 24x36 white bond paper that they no longer needed. Ever since having that, I have been able to make my own wrapping paper with that, just by stamping it with a cute stamp. Below is a couple pictures of the gift I wrapped up for my niece's birthday using the bond paper, one of my stamps and left over Christmas ribbon. It cost me nothing to wrap and it looked really cute!


devildogwife said...

How cute is that? You did a great job on that paper. I would want to reuse that. lol!

Meredith said...

Just darling!
The perfectly tied, big red bow is like the cherry on top!

Michelle said...

How beautiful and thoughtful!