Friday, August 3, 2007

Well, We Did It...

We canceled our satellite service. Since we are working on being more frugal, we decided that we were paying too much for a service we rarely ever use. I've also decided to finally give up my acrylic nails. Honestly, I don't miss them. They got in the way more than anything. So far, our savings with no satellite and no nails is about $90.00/month. I feel pretty good about this decision.


the feathered nest said...

Good for you! You should feel great about it. $90 is alot of money. We've had basic cable for years. We don't watch too much tv - we rent alot of movies though.


P.S. I haven't been in a Wal-Mart in about 10 years!

Christine said...

Good for you! I don't get my nails done anymore, but we have considered getting rid of our digital cable. Haven't yet, but you've inspired my to revisit the discussion!

Thanks for visiting my blog! It's great to "meet" you!