Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Media Meme from Sally at A Gracious Home

I love these kinds of things. They help make my day go faster!

Action – Favorite action movie?
Any of the Indiana Jones movies. I also liked the first Matrix movie.

Beautiful – Most beautiful performer?
Audry Hepburn. She was beautiful and sophisticated and glamorous.

Comedy – Favorite comedy (TV or movie)?
TV- I have to admit, nothing made me laugh more than Friends. How can you not laugh and anything between Joey and Chandler?

Drama – Favorite drama (TV or movie)?
Hmmmm. I not a big drama fan, but Gone with the Wind is still one of my favorites and Scarlett was pretty dramatic. Does that count as a drama?

Event – Historic event that kept you riveted to the TV?
The O.J. Trial (I was in school at the time and we watched it in my history class because my teacher thought that it was history in the making)

Favorite – If you could only own and watch one DVD the rest of your life, what would it be?
Singin' in the Rain. It's an all time favorite of mine and it has romance and comedy all wrapped into one. I love the music and Gene Kelly just makes me swoon.

G – Favorite G rated movie?
Sleeping Beauty (the Disney version)

Head over heels – Which star were you in love with when you were younger?
Johnny Depp. Since the first time I saw him on 21 Jump Street (and I was YOUNG then!) I thought he was so handsome. Now seeing him as Captain Jack Sparrow gets my heart all a flutter.

Ice – Did you see the “Miracle on Ice” live (tape delayed) in 1980?
I wasn't born yet, and I have no idea what that is.

Justice – Did you watch any of the famous O.J. Simpson chase down the freeway?
No. I was at summer camp (Yay Hume Lake!!) during that time. Although I saw all the replays on TV after that.

King of the Thriller – Favorite Hitchcock movie?
Psycho. Still creepy after all these years.

Laettner – Did you see Duke’s Christian Laettner make the winning shot against Kentucky?
Nope. What happened?

MP3 Player – Do you own one?
Yes. Hubby and I have an iPod and we LOVE it.

Never get enough – Which movie have you watched the most times and how many times have you seen it?
I have no idea. Ones I have seen many, many times are, GWTW, Singin' in the Rain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Office Space, White Christmas, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Miss Congeniality. I think I've seen all those at least 10 times.

Opie – Opie or the Beaver?
Awww Opie was so cute. Little Ronny Howard.

Pride and Prejudice – Do you prefer A&E or 2005 release?
I still haven't seen the new one yet, but I adore the A&E version and I think Colin Firth makes a great Mr. Darcy.

Quality – Best TV show of all time?
The Cosby Show. It was clean, funny and had good values in it. I still love to watch the re-runs

Remote control – Who is in charge in your house?
Me. Eric could care less about the TV

Super Bowl – Game or commercials?
Commercials, although they aren’t nearly as enjoyable as they used to be. The past five years or so have been a total disappointment. (so true)

Television – How many in your house?
2. The one in the guest room only has a DVD player hooked up to it for when my niece and nephews come over.

Ultimate – Who is your favorite movie star?
Audry Hepburn and Tom Hanks.

Victory – The best sporting event/game you’ve watched live on TV?
When the Angels won the World Series. Being an Angel fan, that was a great night!

Walkman – Did you ever own a Sony Walkman?
I didn't, but my dad did and I used it on all of our road trips growing up

X – Movie you wish you had never watched?
Too many to list. I think the last one was The DaVinci Code. Controversy aside, I thought it was pretty boring and too drawn out. I'm glad we got it off of Netflix so we didn't waste our money on it.

Yesterday – How many hours of media did you consume?
I listened to music all day at work and once I got home. The TV was never turned on though.

ZZZ’s – Best music to fall asleep to?
Anything piano.

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Anonymous said...

This was a fun meme, I did mine too. And if I wasn't a married lady I would love Johnny Depp too. I love friends as well too funny, I have all the videos.