Monday, May 4, 2009

Today is the first day

Of my new job as housewife! I've got a couple projects planned for me to do today and I'm so excited to get to them! I've been trying for some time now to come up with a good daily schedule and while I had some good ideas on what to do, I made it really unrealistic for me and it was hard to keep up. I tried to do everything in a certain amount of time and I would get discouraged if things didn't get done in that time frame. Awhile ago on the blog, Her Southern Charm, I saw a daily schedule that Jennifer created to help her get through her day and I loved it. There was really no time frame, but it was a good way to break down a list of things to do. I decided to make my own version and so far, it's worked wonderfully! The nice things about not having designated times for things is that I won't get frustrated if I get off of schedule. For instance, this morning I planned on getting up and having my quiet time right away. Well, my wonderful husband wanted to make pancakes for me to celebrate my first day home, so who am I to say "no"! If I had a strict schedule to keep up with, I would have been annoyed at my hubby and I would miss out on a wonderful opportunity to hang out with him. So my schedule needs a little bit of adjusting, but I can work with it!

Today on my schedule is the spring/deep cleaning of the master bedroom. Unfortunately in the past, our bedroom is the last to get any attention. I'm hoping to change that and keep up on it now that I have the time! On my master cleaning list for the bedroom is this:

~Clean out closet
~Clean out drawers
~Clean under the bed
~Wash blinds and windows
~Hot spot decluttering (We have a few surfaces that likes to attract random junk, so I want to get rid of that!)

Later I will post before and after pictures so you can see my progress!

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