Thursday, May 21, 2009

Managing Time

One thing I am struggling with lately, is learning how to manage my time effectively. Sure I have a schedule all written out. That's the easy part! The tough part is actually following my written schedule. So far I haven't been able to tackle that.

The only part I am consistent with is my coffee in the morning. After that, it's all down hill from there. I have to admit that I get very easily distracted and I'd rather do things that entertain me, than to do what's important, or as we call it in our home "first things first". There have been quite a few days wasted because I wanted to watch just one more episode of Star Trek, or I wanted to check my e-mail and facebook "really quickly". It never was "really quickly". Time flew by before I knew it and my day was pretty much gone. Dishes still needed to be washed and laundry still needed to be folded.

To be completely honest, I've also neglected to spend a lot of quality time with my man due to my distractions. He tries to let it roll off his back, but I can see that he sometimes gets hurt by it and I don't blame him! I'd be really hurt too if he'd rather spend his time doing other things than spending time with me. I'm really a blessed women to have a husband who treasures our time together and desires to spend time with me. His love language is quality time my goal from here on out is to show him I love him through his language (as a note, I'm writing this post while he is at church for worship team practice).

My other main goal from here on out is to get rid of my distraction and get my life back in order of God first, Husband second and home third. I'm looking forward to seeing the new blessings in my life as I work through this!


Ashley Jackson said...

good to know I am not the only one! Good resolution, I need to focus more on these things myself:)

Kristi_runwatch said...

Completely understand!! I get distracted SO FAST! I'm recommitting this week to turning the computer off during the day- my poor kiddos surely pick up on the fact that facebook and my blog stats sometimes crowd them out, and it's awful!

God is good to convict us when we need it!