Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Fun!

We had such a fun weekend!

All I have to say is that I'm sooooo ready for fall. The mornings here have been so gorgeous with their slight chill in the air. Sadly, by noon, the chill has worn off and the temperature has risen to 90-ish degrees or so. I'm ready for it to stay below 70 all day. I'm definately a cool weather girl.

To get more in the mood for the fall, we took a drive up to Oak Glen on Saturday to pick some apples. It's a yearly tradition that the cousins do and this year, we decided to join in. While at Los Rios Ranchos, we picked up some apple butter and pumpkin butter in their store, before heading into the apple orchards to pick our apples. It is a bit overpriced to pick apples ($10 for a peck!) but we were able to pick some apples that we can't get in the store. I forgot (as usual) my camera, so I am stealing some pictures from my sister in law (I hope you don't mind Karen!)

Here is the view of the city of Yucaipa from the apple orchard

Here are all the kids

My nephew Joshshua pickin' some apples (I love this picture)

Justin is excited about the apples he found

These are not our apples, but they are just like the ones we picked. They are called Spartans. I really wanted some Granny Smith, but they were not ready to be picked

My nephews, Nick and Justin. They are best buds

Joshua couldn't wait to eat his apple

After apple picking, we all went to the Spaghetti Factory and had a great lunch!

Sunday I decided to take the apples I picked and make an apple pie out of them! For my first pie, I have to say it wasn't half bad. I may tweak the recipe a little bit, but not too much. Maybe a little extra sugar and I will definately use Granny Smith apples. Hopefully tomorrow I can post some pictures of my pie!

Yesterday, my cousin Lisa and our friend Barb went to Culver City to see a taping of the Bonnie Hunt show. Her guests yesterday were Benjamin Bratt (hubba hubba) and Mekhi Phifer. She is totally adorable and we had a great time. All I have to say is that her set seems bigger on T.V than it does in person.

All in all it was a great weekend and now I'm tired.

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