Thursday, June 28, 2007


I've had a couple people mention to me that I needed to update my blog. It had been awhile hasn't it? So in the words of Marvin Gaye, "What's Goin' On?"

Well I have been working in my new position for the past 2 1/2 months and I must say I love it! It keeps me busy, which makes my day fly by. Having every other Friday off isn't half bad either. I just told Eric the other day that I can see myself doing this for another couple of years. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed my work.

My "side job" with Cookie Lee is going well too. I have had a few parties and I have done really well with them. I think the most fun is going to the showroom and buying everything. It's also fun for me to "display" my jewelry by wearing it every once and awhile. I had thought it would be nice to make extra money (which that is pretty nice) but I'm just having fun with it right now. It's not like this is my "real job" and our bills depend on it. I think that is what also makes it fun for me. There is no pressure to make a money deadline.

Hmmm, what else have I done since the last time I posted...

Oh! I saw Johnny Depp's head! Back in May, I got the crazy idea to go to Disneyland at the butt crack of dawn and stand in one area for many, many, many hours just to see the Pirates of the Caribbean celebrities come down Main Street U.S.A. on the largest red carpet I have ever seen (Okay, it's the only red carpet I have ever seen.) I figured I only live once, and an opportunity to be a part of something big like that won't ever happen again. So I packed up some clothes and headed down to my cousins' house and spent the night. I got up at 4ish the next morning and took my cousins Katie, Maggie and a couple of their friends to Disneyland for the day.

We found our spot and stayed there for most of the time. Katie is my hero because she literally stood in the exact same spot for 14+ hours. Her perseverance paid off and she was able to get Johnny's autograph. I'm still bitter! I did have a good time making fun of the 12 year old girls who said they have loved Johnny Depp "forever". I wanted to tell them I've loved him longer than they have been alive!

It was so crowded, I ended up just hanging in the back of the crowd and standing on my tip toes as the celebrities walked down the red carpet. I tried to take pictures, but I kept getting bumped and my pictures didn't come out. I was able to get a good view of some celebrities( most of them "B" list), but as soon as Johnny came walking down, hundreds of people just crowded around me and I was only able to get a glimpse of his head. Oh well, I still got closer to him than just seeing him on my TV. If they do make a Pirates 4, you bet I will be there again to experience it all over again. Only at that time, I'm pulling a Katie and I plan on staying in one area the whole time.

Other than that, nothing too much has been happening. Eric and I are busy with work, and there have been a few family events, but other than that, nothing too exciting.

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