Friday, October 17, 2008

I Got a Job!!!

God is so good.

I got a job as a part time office manager at an insurance company. The hours are great and I will still be able to take care of my home and still get some income for our bills. I'm so stoked! I will also be working for an awesome Christian man who treats his employees really well.

At first I wasn't sure if I should take the job. When we got laid off I really thought that this was God's way of getting me home. I was convinced I would not ever be returning to work. Eric however, didn't feel this was the time. He feels I will be home someday, but not now. He didn't want to crush my hopes, but after much praying and searching God's word, he still wasn't convinced.

We met with one of our pastors on Monday to get some direction. This pastor also happens to own the insurance company I will be working for. He prefaced the meeting by saying he has a job for me if I wanted it, but to not let that sway our decision. He told us to look over and pray over our budget. If we could really live on one income, he would understand if I didn't take the job. He had other people he could hire, but he wanted to give me the opportunity first, since I have 8 years office experience. He gave us a couple days to pray over it and get back to him.

Eric and I went home and looked over our budget. Even if Eric got a great paying job, it would be tight. We have already cut many things out of our budget (cable, Netflix, cutting back the cell phone plan to the bare minimum) and it would still be tight. We prayed over it and the more we prayed, the more we felt that I should take the job. For one, it will pay more than unemployment and two, if Eric did get a great paying job, we could use my income to pay off our debt in half the time. I called the pastor the next day to tell him I would take the job and he wants me to start my training on Monday!! That job is such a blessing.

I had mentioned to Eric that I have never looked for a job. Every job I have had has come to me. I know this is a God thing. There is no other explination!

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Katy said...

WOW!!!! That is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations!!! God is good!!!! :)