Friday, October 3, 2008

Blessing in Disguise

Eric and I were talking this morning and we are thinking that this forced time off is a blessing is disguise. We aren't as stressed as we have been since we aren't rushing off to work and we have been spending so much time together it's been wonderful. We have also been able to work on some big cleaning projects around the house.

Yesterday I tackled our guest room (aka room of doom) and threw away a bunch of stuff that we kept for whatever reason. I was also able to vacuum, since I could see the floor after throwing stuff away and dust the furniture in there. I washed the bed linens and made the bed. Now our guest room is ready for guests!

Today I'm working on the cat room/office area. The floor needs to be vacuumed and then it's off tot he hard work of scrubbing the carpet and steam cleaning it. We have a cat that will pee on one specific area when he's mad at us. Little brat. I usually only have time to spray it with some carpet cleaner and wipe the area down, but not scrub it like I should. I'm planning on really going to town on that in just a few minutes!

We also will be working on our filing and shredding of this past years financial papers and re-organize our book shelves and desk areas. I'm dreading that actual work, but I'm looking forward to the end results! I'll reward myself later with a slice of the apple pie that is in my oven now!

We are really calm about this whole situation now. The first couple of days were hard, but we are resting in Him right now and it's the best place to be. On Tuesday we will be working on our resumes with my cousin and then Eric is going to hit the job hunt hard. He has a small lead already and we are praying that God will direct the job search.

We have decided I will get my resume ready for if I need it, but Eric will be the main one focusing on the job search. If he can't find anything great for right now, we will work on my finding a job. We are both satisfied with that direction.

God has been amazing through all of this and we could not be doing this alone. Our hope is in Him and I'm really happy about that.


The Haneys said...

Becky - We are thinking of you guys and praying for you daily!! God is good, ALL the time and faithful to meet our needs. I believe he teaches us things that we could never learn until we are 100% dependent upon HIM and HIM alone. Find rest and peace in His sovereignty and how wonderful it will be to look back on this time and see how HE moved in and through this situation. Love to you and Eric. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help!!!

The Ramblin' Rat said...

Thanks so much for the prayers and the offer to help! We really appreciate it. God has been so amazing throughout this whole thing. I love seeing how He's working in us. God has provided in so many ways it blows my mind.